Conditions of Use

Conditions of Use

ABR Imagery will not share your personal information with others. Data we collect is for the sole use of ABR Imagery and its trusted designees/assigns. We will use this information to contact you by phone, email, web message, about offers we feel you will find relevant to your relationship with us.

Custom Order/Non-inventoried Items Orders:

All custom order sales are final from the time of order. This includes custom images, eye wear, kilns, cut glass, etc. Once a custom order is placed we will not refund or cancel the order due to any circumstance.

Payment Options:

We accept payment by Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Amex, Paypal, and Bitcoin online. We can also accept money orders, cashier’s check, and wire transfer.

If your billing information and shipping information do not match our system will automatically decline your card at which point we will need to contact your directly.

Orders by money order, cashier’s check, or wire transfer, will not begin to be processed for shipping until funds are collected and confirmed by our staff.

If you are interested in a line of credit please reach out to our staff to begin the application process. Please have your business’s information, list of trade references, federal EIN number and idea of credit limit in mind before beginning the application process. We use a third party company to be able to grant you a credit line when you order with ABR Imagery.

We accept money orders, cashiers check, credit card, or debit card on mail/fax orders from new customers. Our catalog prices do not reflect shipping costs. Please contact us for an estimate of your order with shipping to where you intend to have this delivered to.


Residents of Indiana and orders picked up in Indiana will be required to pay an additional 7% sales tax on all orders. Residents of Arizona who do not reside in Phoenix will be required to pay an additional 7.3% sales tax on all orders. Residents of the city of Phoenix will be required to pay a total of 9.3% sales tax on all orders.

If you have a Tax Exempt ID it must be provided before the order is placed in order to add it to your account before it is applicable.

How We Ship:

Ground Shipping

We primarily ship ground with FedEx. Shipping prices on our site are estimated with FedEx software. These charges are estimates and can change when actual size is taken into consideration.

Shipping is no longer calculated solely on the weight of the package but rather by the dimensional weight of the package. Shippers are essentially selling the space a box occupies in their truck instead of just relying on the weight. Because of this change the length of your box will always increase the cost of your shipping. When we actually pack your order shipping charges may increase due to dimensional weight.

There is a $0.75 per lb fee for cutting glass into smaller lengths. If you do not request in the comments box of your order to have your glass cut to smaller lengths your shipping may increase from our shipping estimate. When we actually pack your order shipping charges may increase due to dimensional weight. We use a scoring knife to scratch and break the glass to assist you in saving money on shipping. In no way to we guarantee clean cuts on your glass. For our employee’s safety, we only cut rod smaller than 16mm in diameter and tubing up to 38mm in diameter.

Please use our comments box on your order to let us know if you are concerned with your shipping charges changing. Please ensure that your email and phone number that is in your account information is as accurate as possible and we will do our best to make sure you are contacted about these changes.

Orders shipped though FedEx can be insured at $1.15 per $100.00 value. Should you choose not to insure your prepaid order you will be solely responsible for any damages incurred during shipping. All of the prices listed in this catalog and website are subject to change without notice.

ABR reserves the right to assist you in keeping shipping charges low by changing the carrier on these packages. In order to avoid a carrier change please note in the comments box of your order if you would like us to keep shipping as you have requested no matter the increase in cost.

All duty fees, destination charges, local taxes, brokerage costs, and any other costs associated with shipping the order are the responsibility of the customer. These fees will change from country to country and from order to order depending on what products are purchased.

Regarding All Freight Shipments

Some larger items (4+ cases of glass, kilns, lathes, etc.) are shipped via freight as opposed to ground. The shipping calculator on our website cannot account for freight shipments and therefore your shipping charges will generally be different than you are quoted at checkout. If this is the case, you will be contacted by phone and e-mail to notify you of this change.

Please choose the Request Freight or International Shipping Quote on our website to have our staff get you a quote based on your order.

Any order that ships via freight truck (ABF, R&L, FedEx Freight, etc.) requires an appointment for delivery. This means we must have a VALID phone number on file for you so the truck driver can contact you to make this appointment.

If the driver is unable to reach you at the number provided he/she will be unable to deliver your shipment. After three (3) days of unsuccessfully attempting to contact you your shipment will be subject to storage fees which you, the customer, are responsible for paying.

BEFORE SIGNING FOR THE SHIPMENT, PLEASE take time to thoroughly inspect it. Check for any damage BEFORE SIGNING FOR THE SHIPMENT! If you sign for a shipment, then report any damage after the fact, we will be unable to file a damage claim on that shipment.

All duty fees, destination charges, local taxes, brokerage costs, and any other costs associated with shipping the order are the responsibility of the customer. These fees will change from country to country and from order to order depending on what products are purchased.

How to Qualify for Free Shipping:

The free shipping program is offered online only and only on products that are marked with the statement “Free Shipping Qualified”. Items that qualify for the free shipping program is indicated by a small flame beneath the item quantity. Products such as Asian Clear and Color tubing do not qualify for free shipping. A minimum order of $800 needs to be placed in order to qualify your order for free shipping. The Free Shipping program only applies to orders that are within the 48 continental United States. An order must be shipped ground in order to qualify for the free shipping program. Items that would ship freight do not qualify for the free shipping progr.

Please choose the Request Freight or International Shipping Quote on our website to have our staff confirm that your order qualifies for the free shipping program. If your order does not qualify for the Free Shipping program your order may be delayed as we try to get in contact with you to confirm your shipping cost. If you could please include your email address and the best phone number to reach you at it would be greatly appreciated.

Protocol for Item Exchanges/Returns:

Any and all missing/damaged items must be reported within 24 hours of receipt of your order.

Returned items are subject to a 25% restocking fee.

We ask that you call us to notify us of any returns before shipping them so we know to keep an eye out. We also ask that you include a copy of the invoice for the returned item in order for us to verify your customer account information and that the item was purchased from us.

If you were sent an incorrect item by mistake (and you have verified it with a customer service representative with pictures), we will send out the correct item(s) with a return label (sometimes referred to as a "call tag") for you to ship the incorrect item(s) back to us. By using our exchange program you agree to utilize the return label within 30 days of you having received it.

If the returned item is the same as the item that was sent as a replacement, we will charge a 25% restocking fee for that item, as well as any shipping charges incurred throughout the exchange.

We do not provide cash refunds for returned merchandise. The cash value of all returned merchandise will be credited to your account. Any request for merchandise return or exchange must be made within 24 hours of receipt.

Protocol for Missing or Damaged Items:

Any and all missing/damaged items must be reported within 24 hours of receipt of your order.

When submitting a concern about missing or damaged items to ABR Imagery, we ask that you do the following prior to submitting the concern:

1.) Check your entire order using your invoice and/or packing list as a reference to ensure that the items in question were actually marked as shipped or not. Do not throw away any packing material from your order.

2.) Small items such as opals, silver, swivels, etc. are usually taped or wrapped to larger items in the order if any. Check (and double-check) your packaging if any of your smaller items appear to be missing.

3.) If there are damaged items in your shipment, take multiple pictures of the damage and be ready to be submit .JPG or .PNG files to us. Pictures should be as clear as possible, and should include shots of the outer and inner packaging, the broken item(s), and the shipping label.

Once we begin the claim process, ABR Imagery will not be held liable for any discrepancies that deviate from the original missing/damage claim. This is why we ask that you check your ENTIRE order before calling.

You are required to hold onto all boxes and packaging materials for a minimum of 20 days after the claim has been started, should the carrier deem it necessary to inspect it. Failure to keep the boxes/packaging will result in a denied claim.

If you did not pay for the order insurance at the time of the original order, ABR Imagery will credit your account or replace damaged products only after your claim has been successfully resolved.

Pick Up Orders Protocol:

We encourage all our customers to order in advance online. Your order will be ready for pick up when you arrive, eliminating a possible lengthy wait.

For walk-in customers, unless you order ahead or plan to meet our $100 minimum order, a $20 cash only fee will be charged to all in-store shoppers for an employee who must accompany shoppers. Maximum shopping time will be limited to 1.5 hours. Additional fees will be incurred if time exceeds the maximum limit. We request web orders please also meet our $100 minimum order. Very current customers small orders may be overlooked, however due to picking times we may ask an additional $10 small order fee or request to cancel small orders. You will be contacted if we determine an order to be an issue.

All customers will be required to sign an agreement waiver before shopping. Only two people per warehouse representative are allowed to shop at one time. Both individuals must stay with the warehouse representative.

When ordering from our Phoenix Warehouse a $5.00 per individual item charge will be applied up to $30.00. If you order multiples of the same you will only be charged $5.00 for the initial item.

ABR Imagery’s Green Initiatives:

At ABR we are committed to becoming part of the solution, not the problem. In this spirit, we have begun a program known as the New Green Initiative which is geared toward reducing our company’s impact on the environment.

As part of the New Green Initiative, we have installed motion sensor lighting and low-voltage bulbs in our lighting fixtures. We use our factory length skylight for illumination whenever possible.

We reuse packaging materials from our incoming shipments and power down office equipment when not in use. The latest component to the New Green Initiative is a reduction in paper consumption by emailing customer invoices instead of including a paper copy on the box. This also reduces plastic envelopes from the packages. If you would like to have a paper invoice just ask and we can convert you back!

We look forward to continuing our partnership in glass and in making environmentally sound decisions!