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Do you want to know how long this deal is going to last? EVERY. DAY. Here at ABR Imagery we want to get you the best products for the lowest prices so we're getting our favorite people cases of Chinese clear tubing and rod for $1.10 per pound! There are no codes necessary to take care of this deal and no end in sight!

Parramore has some of the most interesting and unique colors in the industry and now they're even more affordable than before! We want you to try them so we're lowering the prices just so we can see what you will make! When you buy these products you will not need a code to take advantage of this special!

New Items!

When you need Boro Batch in frit form look no further! We've got most of their color lineup in frit form now!

We've got the frit that no one else does! Come check out all of your favorite Chinese economy colors to step up your production game!