Why Professional Glassblowers, Lamp workers, Bead makers, and Slumpers Choose ABR Imagery

Availability. Here at ABR Imagery, we sell more than our competition. Because we sell more, we stock more, much more.

When you have an idea, get a client, or need to produce more, you need tools and materials.

Are you looking for an obscure tool? We have it. Even if we only sell one a year, you can bet there are a few on the shelf for when your idea takes off.

Instead of shopping multiple sites, that don’t have everything you need in stock, professionals choose ABR.

Besides, who enjoys piecing orders from several sites? Even if they offer same day shipping, they can’t ship what they don’t have.

Connections. When you sell as much as we do, suppliers take notice, we get calls, you get the latest products at competitive prices.

Suppliers like to sell more, so we can work out better pricing for you in the long run because we also buy more than our competition.

This allows us to pass on savings to our customers and provide support when you have questions.

Be careful of other sellers who might sell a few items from the back of a trailer, or sellers that offer you a cheap knock-off with “genuine” stickers to get your money.

We’ve heard horror stories of, “I found a better deal, but got 0 support nightmares when the equipment broke down and nobody answered the phone, can you please help me”.

If it’s a new product on the market, you can bet we’ve already been contacted to offer it to you, our best customers.

Experience. Our leadership team has trained the trainers in this industry.

Many consider us pioneers and leaders in glass. You can always tell who the leader is by how many hired guns they have coming after them; we have plenty, but our focus is you not them.

When you need help planning your next big project, or just need to know what to get, “to do that”, ABR is here for you. We were founded by glass workers just like you to support glass workers just like you.

We even have some innovations in the works nobody has thought of yet. Our best customers will be the first to benefit when we release what is coming. Hint: I’d be on our email list if you’re not already.

Success. Our success in this industry is because of the tens of thousands of people who rely on us everyday at ABR.

Around the world, we provide our customers the tools, materials, knowledge, and equipment they need to get the job done.

That is also the reason many newcomers in glass rely on ABR for all their glass needs.

If it’s you putting in the hours or your entire company, we are here for you to be successful.

How may we help you win today?