The American Shot Glass - Eli Mazet

The American Shot Glass - Eli Mazet
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The American Shot Glass and the Machine

By: Eli Mazet

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Eli Maze is an award winning glass artist and author of The Contemporary Shot Glass. In his first book, he documents the beginning of a movement to bring back the handcrafted shot glass. In The American Shot Glass and the Machine, he tells the story of how automation in the glass industry has affected and changed all of our lives in the last 100 years. Without these discoveries we are just one glassblower away from the stone age. The art of creating glass should not be forgotten.

During the last few years shot glass has gained a foot hold in the glass community with shot glass competitions, shot glass classes and shot glass sales. The support of over eighty highly skilled glass artists, whose shot glasses have been selected for this book, indicate that the new shot glasses are here to stay!

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