Temp Wear - Bluebird XL Kiln Mat

Temp Wear - Bluebird XL Kiln Mat
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Temp Wear - Bluebird XL Kiln Mat Floor Pad - 9" x 20"

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Temp Ware is the newest brand of heat resistant products on the market! Temp Wear's Kiln mats come in all shapes and sizes to fit your kiln just right to keep your bricks protected and are made to stand up to the use and abuse of production shops needs. Our team at ABR Imagery put these mats through a stress test by exposing them to our kilns at 1100 degress for 10 days straight! Grab Temp Wear products to keep your shop operating at its best.

Be careful while handling these kiln mats! These kiln mats can shed fine microfibers that can cause irritation if inhaled so wearing a nose and mouth covering while installing or servicing is strongly suggested.

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