Taglia Tools Tube Scoring Tool

Taglia Tools Tube Scoring Tool
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Taglia Tools Tube Scoring Tool - Aluminium - Colors Will Vary

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The Taglia Tools Tube Scoring Tool is a large scoring tool that can be used to comfortably score tubes up to 50mm in diameter. Made in America with the highest quality standards in mind, this tool is both durable and comfortable to hold and use. The spring loaded handle allows for quick responsiveness for your scoring needs. With high quality bearings to guide your cut, you can count on precision every time. With a slick metallic finish, this will surely be one of nicest made and nicest looking tools on your bench. The colors will vary so give us a call to tell us your preference! Also be sure to check out the growing line of Taglia Tools, proudly manufactured in our home state of Indiana.

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8" long by 1.5" wide

Weight: 0.8 lbs.

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We recommend that you use thermal shocking in two or more places for popping the tube instead of trying to smash it over your knee/bench. Using your knee or bench will work but you will have better result by using thermal shock.

Colloquial Names:

Jaws, Large Jaws, Tube Cutter

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This item is sold individually.