Taglia Long and Thin Handle

Taglia Long and Thin Handle
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Taglia Tools Long and Thin Handle (13.25" L x .5" Thick) - Just the Handle

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We know you're working hard and when you're working hard that means your Taglia Tools are being put to good use. When your tube scoring tool's blade goes dull grab one of these high quality carbide scoring wheels and get back to work. These blades will fit Taglia Tools Tube Scoring Tools and both sizes of the Jaws Scoring Tools.

- Ground Carbide Scoring wheel

- Manufactured in Indiana

Item’s Recommended Uses:

This item is used to replace the blade in your Taglia Tools Tube Scoring Tool. When your blade is dull, dented, or broken, grab one of these and get back to scoring in seconds!

Colloquial Names:

Jaws Blade, Large Jaws Blade, Small Jaws Blade, Tube Cutter Blade

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This item is sold as a pack of 4.