Taglia Large Graphite Sophietta

Taglia Large Graphite Sophietta
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Taglia Large Graphite Sophietta

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If you're making hollow vessels out of glass there's no tool better suited to making adjustments than the Sophietta. The Sophietta has a hollow tube running through the handle so that you are able to blow into your vessel without an attached blowtube. Taglia Tools is precision making these Sophiettas to combine a classical tool with modern manufacturing practices applied. Grab one of these and some Aquadag to have even better results!

- Manufactured in Indiana

Manufacturer Notes:

-T6061 Aluminum working end components and brass pommel create lighter, more balanced feel providing maximum tactile feedback.

-Made from denser more resilient electrode grade graphite for increased longevity and less work piece contamination.

-Gold anodized, 3D engraved hilt and jam bushing.

-Standard thread accepts any Taglia tool end and promotes interchangeability

-Triple stained, triple clear coated walnut handles resist swelling/splitting and increase longevity.

-C46400 naval brass pommel is upgradeable to customize balance or accepts Taglia pommel stamp kit.

-Stainless steel thread inserts standard on all Taglia graphite. (Excludes 10:1 graphite reamer)

-All components are individually replaceable.

Item’s Recommended Uses:

This item is used to open up holes, flare tubes, and shape joints.

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This item is sold individually.