Taglia 10:24 Graphite Reamer Thin

Taglia 10:24 Graphite Reamer Thin
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Taglia Tools 10:24 Graphite Reamer with Short and Thin Wooden Handle

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Item Description:

These graphite reamers are precision made with our customers in mind. The 10:24 taper makes them ideal for flaring and reaming tubing. The handle and the head of the reamer come apart so that you can easily switch out other attachments as well!

The handle that comes with this item is .5" in diameter and 9.25" long.

- Manufactured in Indiana

Manufacturer Notes:

-T6061 Aluminum working end components and brass pommel create lighter, more balanced feel providing maximum tactile feedback.

-Made from denser more resilient electrode grade graphite for increased longevity and less work piece contamination.

-Gold anodized, 3D engraved hilt and jam bushing.

-Standard thread accepts any Taglia tool end and promotes interchangeability

-Triple stained, triple clear coated walnut handles resist swelling/splitting and increase longevity.

-C46400 naval brass pommel is upgradeable to customize balance or accepts Taglia pommel stamp kit.

-Stainless steel thread inserts standard on all Taglia graphite. (Excludes 10:1 graphite reamer)

-All components are individually replaceable.

Item’s Recommended Uses:

This item is used to open up holes, flare tubes, and shape joints.

How It’s Sold:

This item is sold individually.