TAG Stag White Rod (2nds)

TAG Stag White Rod (2nds)
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Trautman Art Glass Stag White Rod Seconds

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Item Description:

Stag is a very dense, bright opaque white that retains its opacity even when fairly thin. However, it will show texture when honeycombed or in thin stringers in a marble. (For a smoother dense white, choose TAG-033-33 Whiteout.)

Item’s Recommended Uses:

Stag works up smooth despite graininess in the rod although it can retain a visual texture, and it resists boiling once brought to temp and kept hot. Stag works fine in all flame atmospheres; however, a cooler flame is suggested for all boro whites.

How It’s Sold:

These rods are sold in pc, ¼ lb, ½ lb, & 1 lb increments