TAG Red Elvis Frit Fine - 4oz

TAG Red Elvis Frit Fine - 4oz
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Trautman Red Elvis Frit Fine - 4oz

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The world’s first self-striking ruby boro! Red Elvis is an “easy striker” and self strikes as it cools but gets a little darker with flame striking or kiln striking.

Ladies and gentlemen, Elvis is in the building*! TAG’s vibrant Elvis Red is the king of transparent borosilicate reds, with self-striking simplicity and buttery workability!

*…unless we’re out of stock. Then he’s not. Probably off eating banana sandwiches with aliens or something.

Manufacturer’s Working Tips:

These colors prefer a soft, enveloping flame. They are not really boily, but air rushing out can produce a similar result. So we suggest remixing this color in the flame, and/or working slowly to allow the occasional larger air bubbles to escape as you work.

How It’s Sold:

This item is available in 4oz jars.