TAG Pink Cadillac Rod Odds

TAG Pink Cadillac Rod Odds
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Trautman Art Glass Pink Cadillac Rod - Odds

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The popular Pink Cadillac from TAG is an opaque pale pink shot through with flecks of white "snow."

Manufacturer’s Working Tips:

The opaque Candy colors, like Pink Cadillac, prefer a soft, enveloping flame. While they are not really boily, they do have some air in them which can mimic boil, especially when heated hard and fast. For those of you on sharp and forceful torches in particular we suggest warming in the upper flame before working slowly and allowing the occasional larger air bubbles to escape as you work. While many people have great success with these colors, the opaque Candy color line is known to have a slightly higher COE; please test in your application. Laying over clear and then sculpting is NOT recommended.

How It’s Sold:

These rods are sold in pc, ½ lb, & 1 lb increments.