Starter Kit Plus - Nortel Red Max

Starter Kit Plus - Nortel Red Max
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Starter Kit Plus with Nortel Red Max (Premix Topfire)

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Welcome to the wonderful world of Lampworking! ABR Imagery is committed to getting you what you need at prices that will make a hole burn in your wallet. Our beginner's kit is perfect for the lampworker who is just getting into the industry or someone who wants to get back in the game.

Item’s Included:

Disc Nippers - 491J

12” x 12” x ¼” Graphite Plate - 850-001

2” x 3” Economy Graphite Paddle - 850-502e

2-16mm Graphite Reamer - 850-520E

¼” 90 Degree Bent Brass Swivel - 854-203

Mouthpieces for Blow Hose (10 pack) - 854-221

Small Rubber Blow Hose (3/16”-¼”) - 854-225

Mini Scoring Knife - 854-303

3 Piece Glasswork Tweezer Pack - 854-410K

Contemporary Lampworking Volumes 1 & 2 - BK1

Paragon Bluebird XL Kiln - BLUEBIRDXLNEW

½” Push Tool - BP500WH

8” Diamond Shears - DIAMOND SHEAR 6

Flashback Arrestor - Regulator to Hose - FBA

Griffin 14mm Joint Reamer with Aluminum Handle - GGT-GJR-14A

Griffin 14mm Joint Plug with Aluminum Handle - GGT-GJP-14A

Griffin 14mm Joint Shaper with Aluminum Handle - GGT-GJS-14A

Griffin Magic Mini Jacks - GGT-MJ02

Griffin 3-Hole Marble Mold - GGT-MM03

10” x 10” 4-Ply High Heat Pad - HEATPAD4P

”>¼” ID T-Grade Hose - 12 ft. - HOS12

Fuel/Propane Regulator - REGP

Oxygen Regulator - REGO

Nortel Red Max Torch with a Premix Topfire - RMPM

9” Trim Shears - TS9

Claw 6 - claw 6

Aura Lens C2 Wrap/Goggle (Shade 3) - AUL203C2

Item’s Recommended Uses:

Are you just starting out glass blowing? Are you not sure what you would need to make cool stuff in glass? You’re in luck! We recommend buying this set for all the tools you would need to get started in glass blowing.

How It’s Sold:

This listing is sold as a set.

*Kits are all made to order so some components may not be in stock when ordered. If you are concerned about a particular item being in stock please either check the item in question product page or contact us to confirm whether the product is in stock. We're sorry for the inconvenience but we'll do our best to make sure that you're taken care of.

Item Reference Materials:

We strongly suggest using Aquadag with Griffin Joint forming tools as this will help the shaping process. The shipping charge shown in check-out on this item is for the kiln only.

If you want to substitute the bravo for the red max in this kit the kit price would be $2787 (2-14-2022)