Skutt Scarab Digital Kiln

Skutt Scarab Digital Kiln
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Three phase will be an extra $55. Please let us know or we will assume you are getting single phase.

THE SCARAB - ANNEALING KILN has 3 Doors with adjustable point rests designed for working with Borosilicate Glass. The 4 button controller has programming features specifically designed for annealing Borosilicate glass. The wood handle stays cool making it easy to operate the doors. Easy access to components for repairs. Solid State Relays for long life. Main antilevered door will stay at any position. Independent center door allows you to work with larger diameter tubing. Multiple handles for easy moving. Designed by noted lampworking artist Marcel Braun. Features: GlassMaster 33 Controller, Side Elements, Stainless Steel Doors, Low Mass Type K Thermocouple, and 3 Point Rests. Phase: 1 Volts: 240 Amps: 27 Watts: 6480 Temp: 1700F Cubic Feet: 3.0 Opening: 27" x 16" Depth: 12" Wire Size: 8 Breaker Size: 30 Ship Weight: 460lbs. With secondary point rest included!!!

Retail price for kiln is $3875 secondary point rest is $105

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