Rita Stucke 6 Enamel Decals

Rita Stucke 6 Enamel Decals
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NEW MEDIUM for the Lampwork glass Artist ~ Enamel decals for Lampwork glass, AND fusing. Applied cold, and fused to the surface, on flat glass in the kiln, or beads and sculpture in the flame, or both! The decal fits your substrate like skin; not only does the binding agent hold the enamel together. When these decals are heated in warm water, the binding agent becomes sticky (like glue), and stretches, and shapes to your form.

Glass Compatibility:

1. Works well with COE 104, especially clear & white (on clear the decal may fade out if the image is not heavily saturated)

2. Bullseye & System 96 have had good results in testing.

3. Borosilicate glass does fuse; the colors tend to burn out more, and get pixilated if over fired. Encasing can help hold the color.

WHAT YOU GET WITH THIS PURCHASE: One sheet of decals, one page showing you the color range (as shown in the picture), instructions, and a lot of inspiration!!

Each decal sheet is approximately 3" x 3"; decals shown here range from 1/8" to 3/4".

All decals come with installation directions.


1.Wear latex (powder free) gloves while handling the decals.

2.Ventilation is required. (You want the fresh air coming in, and the bad air going out.)

3.Keep away from children