Precision 10/18[M] Heavy Wall Joint

Precision 10/18[M] Heavy Wall Joint
[IND-1MC-HW] Bloomington Warehouse

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Precision 10/18 Male Heavy Wall Glass Ground Joint on 14mm x 2.2mm Tube

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Precision Ground Joints! A huge step up from China imported joints but still affordable with quality you can trust. The Precision 1MC-HW is a single ended 10/18 socket joint, male, and 5" in length. When ordering ground glass joints you must consider measurements (X/Y=) Where X is the Top Outer Diameter, and Y is the Length of the Grind. (So 10/18 would be a Top Outer Diameter of 10mm and a grind length of 18mm.) The tubing has a OD of 14mm x 2.2mm (apx.). The Precision line of joints is made with Schott glass.

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