NS Pomegranate Fat Rod - Odds

NS Pomegranate Fat Rod - Odds
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Northstar Pomegranate Fat Rod - Odds

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NS-088 Pomegranate is the lightest shade of the self striking ruby family Northstar currently offers. This color is an easy to use color that will turn transparent once hot, but as it cools (depending on the thickness will strike back to red.) Because this color is so unsaturated, the final strike must take place to in a kiln. The strike is easily repeatable and the final color is not affected by soaking in the kiln for long periods of time.

Quality Description:

This odd quality color rod from Northstar works and looks just like the first quality rod of the same name. Please note, however, that the rods themselves may be misshapen, excessively short, or overly fat or skinny.

Northstar Fat rods are thicker than their standard line.

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