Pipetown, USA - DVD

Pipetown, USA - DVD
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Pipetown, USA - DVD

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At the root of the cannabis culture, a small glass pipe for smoking marijuana became popular in the early 1980’s. Admiration of the little pipe grew when Bob Snodgrass of Eugene, Oregon created a technique called “fuming.” By introducing silver and gold metals to the glass, he could produce a beautiful rainbow effect that was layered in the glass and seemed to change colors when you smoked. Glassblowers from across the nation began to gravitate towards the area seeking his mentorship. The artistic, liberal community with the lush green countryside drew them in and by the 1990’s the glass pipe movement was well established. In interviews with glass artists they reveal the freedom, the joy, the struggles and the pure passion that drives them to survive in a competitive industry filled with challenges. Includes: Bob Snodgrass, Delene Peralta, Eli Mazet, Josh Mazet, Hamm, Julie Riggs, Jason Harris, Suzanne Tipton and more.

Eugene, Oregon is Pipetown, U.S.A.

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