Paragon PMT10 Knife Making Kiln

Paragon PMT10 Knife Making Kiln
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Paragon PMT-10 Heat Treating Furnace

Machine shops save time by having a furnace in their own shop. The furnace will always be ready. You will no longer need to send a die out for heat treating, wait for its return and then send it out again for additional heat treating.

Solid Construction

The door swings open with one-handed operation. The PMT-10 furnace is insulated with refractory firebrick. The elements are mounted in dropped, recessed grooves machined into the firebrick. Paragon invented this type of groove in 1952. This groove protects the element for long life and low maintenance. Elements are simple to replace because they’re exposed rather than embedded. You can thread new elements into place following clear instructions in the manual.

The firing chamber is protected by a steel case painted in high temperature blue. A built-in stand lifts the firing chamber safely off your worktable, so no extra stand is needed. The door is mounted with a heavy-duty hinge for smooth opening. A micro-switch shuts off the power to the elements when the door is opened. We use high temperature wire in the switch box for long life. A heat shield, mounted between the switch box and furnace, helps keep the switch box components cool even during extended operation. To further dissipate heat, the switch box is extra large and generously louvered. Each furnace comes with a cord and plug for immediate installation, and a one year warranty.

Complete Instructions

Your furnace includes a wiring diagram, programming instructions, and heat treating manual. The manual gives you basic heat treating instructions for D2, 440C, ATS 34 and 154 CM. The manual is written in plain English for the beginner.

Optional Gas Injection Flow Meter

During heat treating, scale forms on the surface of the steel. One way to eliminate most scaling is to wrap the steel in stainless steel foil. An easier way is to install the gas injection flow meter on your furnace. It is available as either an add-on kit, or you can order the furnace with the meter installed.

The meter regulates the flow of an inert gas, such as argon, inside the furnace. The gas displaces the oxygen to prevent most scaling.

Please note that the gas may reduce heating element life. Also, gas injection does not offer better results than heat treating foil nor does gas injection prevent all scaling. The main benefit of gas injection is the savings in time over wrapping the steel in foil.

Please remember that results with the flow meter vary depending on the type of inert gas you use and your level of experience. For more details, click on the link in the Options section below.

Made in America

The PMT-10 is made in America to exacting standards. Because we are centrally located in Mesquite, Texas, we can ship the furnace economically to most areas of the United States.

Max Temperature:

2350F (1287C)







Nema details:


Breaker Size:


Circuit Copper Wire Size:


TUV Tested to CSA and UL Standard 499:




IMPORTANT: Some areas such as Canada and Europe require a lid or door safety switch on kilns.

Control Type:

Sentry Digital 12-Key Non-Ceramic





Kiln Type:

Front Loading Square

Sides: 4

Inner Dimensions

Chamber Volume:

0.40 Cubic Ft. (11.33 Litres)

Chamber Width:

8.50” (216mm)

Chamber Depth:

9.00” (229mm)

Chamber Height:

8.75” (222mm)

Outer Dimensions

Outer Size:

24.00”W x 24.00”D x 20”H

Ship Weight:

68.00 Lbs (30.84 Kg.)