Paragon Color Melter 3000 Crucible

Paragon Color Melter 3000 Crucible
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The NEW Color Melter 3000 Crucible was created with collaboration from ABR Imagery and Paragon. With this crucible you can not only heat glass to a molten state but program its digital controller to melt glass to the consistency of your sensibility! Custom mix your own colors, make huge figurines or vessels, or even your own tubing. It comes with the S-Type thermocouple; which will last much longer than the standard K-Type because it is suited for continuous use above 2000F degrees. It has 4-1/2" thick walls. This extra insulation is designed for the stress of very long heat soaks. Also has a separate bottom section with a row of 4" high wall bricks designed to lift away if damaged by molten glass spills. The Color Melter 3000 is 13.5" in diameter and 12.5" deep.


Max. Temperature: 2350F / 1287C - Amps: 16 - Phase: 1 - Watts: 3840 -

Breaker Size: 30 - Circuit: 10 - UL: N

CE: N - Control Type: Sentry Digital 3-key Non-Ceramic - Voltage: 240 - Hertz: 60 - Sides: 8 - Chamber Diameter: 13.50" / 34.29 CM - Chamber Depth: 12.5" / 31.75 CM - Ship Weight: 240.00 Lbs. / 118 KG