Oxygen Frog Bullfrog 50

Oxygen Frog Bullfrog 50
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Oxygen Frog Bullfrog 50

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“Oxygen frog has saved me! Ever since I got my machine, I can work on my big projects late at night without ever having to worry about my oxygen running out. Scott’s customer service is impeccable and I know that if I ever have a problem he’ll be there to help.“-- Lacey 'LaceFace' Walton.

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The BullFrog 50 is a fully integrated industrial grade oxygen plant. Unlike most other oxygen systems designed for glassblowers, it is not based on individual, repurposed medical oxygen concentrators. The BullFrog is a large, industrial oxygen concentrator with integrated oxygen booster compressor and surge tank. No other equipment or assembly is required and no bank of repurposed medical oxygen machines to maintain. Just turn the system on and get to work.

The BullFrog 50 operates very similar to an air compressor, when the tank gets low, it comes on automatically begins to refill the tank with oxygen, while you work.

Like all of Oxygen Frog products, the BullFrog 50 has exclusive Active Compression Control (ACC) technology which prevents oxygen purity degradation through the compression cycle and also extends compressor service life. The BullFrog also has a ‘warm up delay’ in which the concentrators are given a moment to come up to purity before the oxygen is compressed into the surge tank. The result is purity and reliability advantages that the competition just does not offer.

The BullFrog 50 is fully automatic, and runs much like an air compressor. Just turn it on and forget it, the BullFrog 50 will make sure you always have a steady supply of very pure oxygen, on-demand.

The BullFrog 50 by Oxygen Frog is the perfect oxygen solution for professional, mid-size production studios with multiple stations.

The BullFrog 50 comes with an integrated 60 gallon surge tank. Additional surge tanks can be added to increase the inventory of oxygen on hand.

Oxygen surge tanks are common air compressor tanks and must be oxygen clean.

Important Note on Oxygen Surge Tanks:

The BullFrog 50 comes with an integrated 60 gallon surge tank. Additional surge tanks can be added to increase the inventory of oxygen on hand. These additional surge tanks are recommended for high oxygen demand applications.

Oxygen surge tanks are common air compressor tanks, and must be oxygen clean.

When it comes to surge tanks, more capacity is always better.

K tanks, or other high pressure cylinders are not well suited for use as surge tanks due to their low internal volume. Oxygen Frog products do not fill high pressure cylinders such as K tanks.

The BullFrog 50 is a complete oxygen plant with no other equipment needed. Additional optional surge tanks are recommended for high oxygen demands.


-Requires a 220 VAC 30 amp 4-wire outlet.

-145 psi max pressure, programmable restart pressure.

-Capable of running mid-sized production studios.

-50 lpm of oxygen generation, with proper surge tank capacity, this system can replace a liquid oxygen demand of one dewer per week.

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Remote Compressor Option:

The BullFrog 50 uses a 5hp belt driven compressor for its compressed air source. To mitigate excessive noise in the studio, the compressor can be removed from the BullFrog 50 and located in another room, or even outside, up to 60 feet away. The Remote Compressor option will cost an additional $599.00 and will only be provided upon request and payment.