Oxygen Assistant 10 (10 LPM)

Oxygen Assistant 10 (10 LPM)
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Oxygen Assistant 10 (10 LPM/8 PSI)

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Here at ABR Imagery we know that you need products that keep you working for longer at the lowest price possible. We hunted high and low to find the Oxygen Assistant 10 to add to your tool arsenal! You will no longer be concerned whether your oxygen supplier is open because as long as your lights are still on you will be able to keep your production going.

The Oxygen Assistant 10 is a 10 LPM/8 PSI oxygen generator that separates the oxygen out of the air around you.The Oxygen Assistant runs on 12 amps of power on a 110 volt outlet. The Oxygen Assistant 10 comes brand new to you!

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For a short video on Oxygen Assistant running a Carlisle Hellcat please click here.

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Shipping Weight 60lbs

Size: 27" x 16" x 18"