Northstar Lucy Frit (F) - 16 Oz.

Northstar Lucy Frit (F) - 16 Oz.
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Northstar Lucy Frit (Fine) - 16 Oz.

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Lucy, the newest color to make it into production at Northstar glass is ready to roll! This color works best in oxidizing and neutral flames. Lucy is clear with very few air inclusions, and when worked it remains quite clear in normal lighting. Under uv lighting Lucy is a very intense hot pink! A very stable color to add to the uv pallet. Lucy works great on the surface and can also be worked under clear. Fantastic for blown and sculpted applications. My favorite use of Lucy, is layering it over all other colors to create unique blends! Thanks for the great new color Northstar.

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Fine frit is a bit smaller than the small size frit and has nearly the same granule size as sugar. Perfect for smooth coat color coverage of both rod and tubing. Add some small speckles to your art!

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This item is sold by the 16 oz. jar.