Metal Joint Grinding Compound

Metal Joint Grinding Compound
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Metal Grinding Compound

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VeraChem Metal Grinding Compound aids valve grinding operations on automotive, industrial and marine engines. A high temperature grease based product, it contains sharp grains of silicone carbide. Common uses included lapping and grinding cobalt hard-faced seats and discs, or sharpening cutting blades of real-type of power lawnmowers. Metal Grinding Compound comes in two tubes, one containing fine grade grit for finishing valve grinding, the other contains coarse grit for fast grinding of small and large surfaces.

Directions: Apply a coating of VersaChem Metal Grinding Compound to surface (Fine grit for finishing or Coarse grit for fast grinding). Grind in usual manner. Clear surface with damp cloth. Wipe thoroughly with dry cloth.

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This item is used in conjunction with Female 10/18, 14/20, 19/22 Grinding Bits.

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This item is sold individually.