Knight Bullet Burner Starter Kit

Knight Bullet Burner Starter Kit
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Knight Bullet Burner Starter Kit

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Item Description:

The Bullet Burner Starter Kit includes the essentials needed to get the Knight Bullet Burner torch set up and running.

Items Included:

One T-Grade Hose measuring 12' x 1/4" x 3/8" - [HOS12]

One Oxygen Regulator - [rego]

One Fuel Gas Regulator - [regp]

One Bullet Burner Bench Torch - [853-806]

Item’s Recommended Uses:

This kit has everything needed to set up the Knight Bullet Burner torch. Connect the hoses and regulators to your fuel sources, attach them to the torch, and you are ready to go! Adjust the flow of propane and oxygen with the knobs on top of the torch to create a flame that's perfect for either soft or borosilicate glass.

How It’s Sold:

Knight Bullet Starter Kit is sold as a kit.

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