Intro to Glassblowing - Homer Hoyt

Intro to Glassblowing - Homer Hoyt
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Glassblowing - An Introduction to Solid and Blown Glass Sculpturing

By: Homer L. Hoyt

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Glassblowing is a blend of art and technology as old as civilization. Today's materials and equipment allow hobbyists from preteen to active senior to craft this enduring substance.

In this generously illustrated book, the author assumes the reader has no previous knowledge of glassworking. He starts the pupil, as he has his classroom students for many years, at the beginning. "Homer's clear enumeration and description of the eight basic lampworking procedures is first in print, and a major contribution of this work," says Lawrence Eichman, former student and now teacher and owner of his own studio. From how to hold a glass rod through a carefully ordered series of projects, he introduces methods that result in impressive but achievable sculptures. Along the way, he emphasizes safety, and comments entertainingly on the history and science behind the art, practical matters from the home bench, and business aspects of glassblowing. There are profiles and sample works of several sculptors.

About the Author:

Homer Hoyt spent the first half of his professional life working in laboratories as a scientific glassblower involved in R&D projects. In his work in the physics department of the Naval Ordinance Laboratory, the Space Agency at the Goddard Space Flight Center, and the Bureau of Standards Radio Laboratory, he worked with many experts in different fields. One of these experts was Wellman L. Clark, a master glassblower, who had trained in the Lampshops of the Corning Glass Works and also the physics department of the University of Purdue. Homer Comments, "Wellman taught me many of the production techniques of the Corning Lampshop and many of the skills used in high vacuum technology at Purdue."

In 1970 Homer Hoyt left government service to start his own company, Glasscraft Inc.

As a laboratory innovator, he has developed and produced special tools and equipment for glassworking. As an artist, he has designed sculptures which are both interesting and feasible for the novice.

His analytical training lead him to identify the eight operations that are all the basic procedures necessary for glass sculpting. He discusses them early, so the student starts with a better overview than any previous text has supplied.

A course of ten lessons is presented with the material in each lesson progressing to the next step if difficulty. Many techniques were developed to simplify instruction methods, e.g. the "Rope Trick" and "Bridging". All the lessons have been student-tested; this has helped him anticipate questions and common mistakes - a do-it-yourself book must.

When away from work, Homer Hoyt enjoys skiing in the Rockies near his home, running with the Boulder Road Runners, hiking, and mountain biking.

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