4-2 Inlet Conversion Kit for Bravo

4-2 Inlet Conversion Kit for Bravo
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Brass 4 Inlet to 2 Inlet Conversion Kit

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Item’s Description:

Do you have a 4 inlet torch but don't have two propane and oxygen tanks? Good news! This conversion kit is exactly what you need. In this kit we provide you with four two foot lengths of hose (two propane, two oxygen, 1/4"), two brass y's (one propane, one oxygen), and hose couplers for you to connect your y's to your hoses.

This kit will fit the Bethlehem Bravo, Stacks torch, Carlisle CC 4 inlet torch and any other B fitting 4 inlet torch and covert it to run with just one hose. A great option for those buying a 4 inlet torch and not ready to connect the foot pedal today as this kit will allow you to run on one hose untill you get the pedal in the future.

Item’s Specifications:

-1 x 31233

-1 x 31232

-1 x YP

-1 x YO

-2 x 2' Sections of Propane and Oxygen Hoses

Item’s Recommended Uses:

We recommend you use this setup with any torch that has 4 inlets that you want to run on two inlets. Torches like the Bethlehm Bravo, Champion, and Champion Sharp Flame.

How It’s Sold:

This item listing is sold as a set with 8 pieces.

Two Two foot sections of hose need to be made. Refer to the picture to see what should be included in the kit.

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