Herbert Arnold 65mm single port

Herbert Arnold 65mm single port
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Herbert Arnold 65mm Zenit single port center fire

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J HOWARD STYLE! Noiseless Single port center fire Herbert Arnold for propane and oxygen, with special flame stabilizing system that allows the burner to operate with a surplus of air - therefore - with a cooler flame. Burner is mounted on a solid cast iron foot with Ball Joint.


-Noiseless working method.

-Large field of application.

-Stable tight-knit flame.

-From a sharp & concentrated pin-point flame to intensive flames - easily adjustable by single twist grip.

-Burner control via ball valves, maintenance free and durable.

-High efficiency through intensive gas combustion.

-Long lasting by using high-quality materials and components.

-Burner head is solid, made from no scaling stainless steel.

-Connection Glass with Thread.

-Single port lazer beam center fire

Technical Data:

Head Diameter: 65mm

Works Borosilicate Glass of a Tubing Diameter – More than 100mm.

Largest Flame Diameter: Approximately 70mm.

How It’s Sold:

Each torch is sold individually. This torch needs the Herbert Arnold Pressure Reducer which is sold separately.

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