GTT Mirage Hand Torch

GTT Mirage Hand Torch
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Glass Torch Technologies Mirage (40 Jet) Hand Torch - Switch in Handle

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GTT is making history again with our New 2-Stage Hand Torch design.

This revolutionary new concept enables you to switch between the inner and outer fire instantaneously with a lightening fast On/Off switch which is incorporated into the ergonomically designed handle.

This new cutting edge design makes this new hand torch design the most powerful, versatile, and compact hand torches in the industry.

Imagine the potential of having this much power, versatility, and speed in your hands.


2-Stage inner and outer fire hand torches

Utilizing GTT’s new patented head designed

Available in different length necks

Lightening fast On/Off Switch incorporated into the handle eliminating the need for a foot pedal.

2-Stage hand torch can also be ordered with out an On/Off switch, which can be upgraded later.

Compact lightweight, extremely versatile design.

New adjustable valves

Comes with an Adjustable hook hanger

Extremely Fuel and Oxygen efficient.

2-Stage hand torches are available in Sidewinder, Phantom, Mirage, and Delta models.

Item’s Recommended Uses:

GTT hand torches are great for hot shops, lathe working and finite heating in many applications. The powerful, lightweight setup allows for pinpoint heating and versatility in any situation.

Shipping Size:

Weight: 2.70 Lbs.

Dimensions: 24" x 9" x 9"

How It’s Sold:

This item is sold individually. This torch comes with a switch built into the handle. If you're interested in the version that does not have the switch please call us for lead times and pricing.