Griffin Dbl RockIt Air Pedal + OB

Griffin Dbl RockIt Air Pedal + OB
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Griffin Double Rock-It Foot Pedal with Oxygen Bypass and Compressed Air Foot Pedal for 3 Stage Torches

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The Rock-It Foot Pedal is a non-electrical unit which allows technically sound opening and closing of gas valves. The Rock-It provides freedom of movement with a maintain switch which keeps outer fires on until switch is depressed a second time. You will have no worries of overheating the Rocki-it Foot Pedal! For the Flameworker who runs the outer flame for extended periods of time lasting over an hour, this unit can be used for safe and silent operation.

The Oxygen Bypass allows a metered amount of oxygen to flow through the second stage of the torch enriching the inside fire with Oxygen. This creates a deeper blue centerfire which is a better flame atmosphere for working with silver based and cadmium colors.

Propane and oxygen hoses are not included. The Rock-It is compatible with all 2 stage 4 prong torches.The warranty is through Griffin Glass Tools and lasts for a year.

Griffin Glass Tools is excited to announce the release of the new compressed air foot pedals. They are available for both two and three-stage torches that have the ability to use compressed air. Introducing compressed air into the fuel mix allows for a broader range of temperatures and chemistry. This added control makes it easier to dial in a more even heat without compromising flame chemistry and can even avoid things like boiling and scumming.

Both pedals are available as a standalone unit, but can also be purchased as an add-on that fastens securely on top of our existing Rock-It Pedal using the included hardware kit.

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Use the Griffin Double Rock-It Foot Pedal with Compressed Air Foot Pedal for 3 Stage Torches with your torches that have compressed air lines and three stages.

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This item is sold individually.