Griffin Comp. Air Footpedal 2 Stage

Griffin Comp. Air Footpedal 2 Stage
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Griffin Compressed Air Foot Pedal for 2 Stage Torches

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Griffin Glass Tools is excited to announce the release of the new compressed air foot pedals. They are available for both two and three-stage torches that have the ability to use compressed air. Introducing compressed air into the fuel mix allows for a broader range of temperatures and chemistry. This added control makes it easier to dial in a more even heat without compromising flame chemistry and can even avoid things like boiling and scumming.

Both pedals are available as a standalone unit, but can also be purchased as an add-on that fastens securely on top of our existing Rock-It Pedal using the included hardware kit.

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Use the Griffin Compressed Air Footpedal for 2 Stage Torches with your torches that have compressed air lines and 2 stages such as Carlisle’s CC with Optimizer, CC + with Optimizer, and CC++ with Optimizer.

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This item is sold individually.