Gemini Revolution XT Ring Saw

Gemini Revolution XT Ring Saw
[Gemini1019-XTRev ] Bloomington Warehouse

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The Revolution XT Ring Saw .... Not Just Another Tile Saw

A Cross Between a Table Saw and a Band Saw

¦ A finishing saw that is Ideal for cutting curves with precision and

extremely smooth cuts.

¦ Can cut Forwards & Backwards (makes curves simple to cut).

¦ Uses a 10 inch Sintered Diamond Blade (Single-sided and Double-sided blades available).

¦ Cut inside and outside radius curves.

¦ Endless Length and Width Capability.

¦ Cuts Tile and Stone up to 6cm thick.

¦ No Water Pump, completely Self-Contained.

Features a Sintered Diamond Ring Blade

The Revolution XT uses a 10" Sintered Diamond Blade: this type of a blade is made up of pressed powder and diamond. Since the diamond is throughout the blade, more diamond is exposed as the blade wears. This results in a blade that is always sharpened and has a longer blade life.