Flexburner XL

Flexburner XL
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Flexburner XL

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We took the Flexburner swiveling flame nozzles to a new length and shape. The FlexburnerXL is a ribbon style burner with three pairs of nozzles allowing for a longer, more linear heat distribution pattern than the Standard Flexburner. Perfect for long work such as preheating tube for sleeving/blow in work or vac stacks!

CNC machined billet aluminum body with six rotating burner tips allows huge flexibility in the heat distribution on the workpiece. Overall dimensions are 5.5”L x 2.7”W x 3.4”H. Includes one barb fitting and two plugs. VALVE SOLD SEPARATELY.

The nozzles can move independently but they do NOT have individual flame size or chemistry adjustment, all burners are controlled by a single input valve which is sold separately. The flame is stable at propane pressures from 2 to 10psi.

Each FlexburnerXL has three input ports, one on each end and one on the side. This allows you to connect multiple burners in line for very long work or side-by-side for a very wide and strong flame bed.

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This item is sold individually.