Eye #2 Blasting Stencils

Eye #2 Blasting Stencils
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Looking for an inexpensive and effective sandblasting or paint stencil for glass? Look no further! We have got you covered!

This single-use, vinyl stencil is 8.5" by 12" with an approximate 5/8" bottom and top margin. The water based adhesive makes removal simple---just soak in water and watch the stencil begin to fall off. The stencils come with a instructional sheet. THERE IS A THREE SHEET MINIMUM. You can purchase single sheets of three different designs to meet this minimum.

The stylized Egyptian eye symbol stencil features sharp edged patterns. The large images are about 1" in height and 1.25" in width, with the medium images about 0.75" in height and 1" in width.