Blast Shield IR/UV Upgrade

Blast Shield IR/UV Upgrade
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Blast Shield's - Blast Shield IR/UV Upgrade

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The IR/UV Shield is the UV Shield with an Infrared (IR) coating on one side. Both of these coatings are rated at 1800 degree farenheight. Blast Shield highly recommends upgrading to the IR/UV for more protection. These coatings do not protect against sodium flares and you always will need your protective didymium eyewear for the safest use possible.

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This item is a custom ordered item and we do not accept returns on any custom ordered products. If this item is ordered without a corresponding Blast Shield Shield & Marver we will do our best to contact you and remove the item from the order if contact is not able to be made. This upgrade can be applied to all Shield & Marver combos. This is just the upgrade for the Blast Shield Shield & Marver combo.

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