Bethlehem The Grand Sharp Flame

Bethlehem The Grand Sharp Flame
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Bethlehem Burners - Grand Sharp Flame Bench Burner

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[The Grand - Sharp Flame]

Item Description:

The Grand Sharp Flame is a three-stage, stainless steel, surface-mix torch that can produce 1,150 BTUs per minute, enough heat to easily work up to 50mm borosilicate rod and 80mm+ heavy walled tube! The new surface-mix Sharp Flame centerfire can be pulled down into a tight pinpoint, or sharpened into a long, driving needle, perfect for:

- precise heat application for fine detailed work

- driving heat penetration

- forming seals in hard to reach areas

This can all be done while remaining gentle to glass colors. Whether on the bench or on a lathe, the Grand Sharp Flame will deliver everything the modern glass artist needs.

Technical Data:

Burner configuration:

Center Fire: 6 – gas jets (Sharp Flame Design)

Outer Fire: 12 – gas jets, 36 – oxy ports

Face Dia. – 1.375?

Full flame consumption:

Propane Gas: 5 psi; 12 LPM (720 LPH, 25.43 cu ft/h)

Tanked Oxygen: 20 psi; 60 LPM (3,600 LPH, 127.13 cu ft/h)

1,150 BTU’s Per Minute


50mm Boro Rod

80mm+ Heavy Walled Tube


Base: 8? x 8?

Height: 9.25?

Barrel Length: 7.5?

Net Weight:

9.75 lbs.

How It’s Sold:

Each torch is sold individually. Each torch comes with a Lifetime Factory Warranty, Instructions, and the Bethlehem Burners Cleaning Kit included in the box.