Beth. Champion Sharp Flame Torch

Beth. Champion Sharp Flame Torch
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Bethlehem Champion Sharp Flame

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Item Description:

This new version of the Champion Torch comes not only with a sharper and more driving surface-mix centerfire, but also with an updated look! The stainless steel oxygen valve caps and scroll gear covers have been anodized clear, to keep them sliver and shiny! The new Red stickers on the back of the torch and on the scroll covers accentuate this new sleek and silver look.

Just like with the original Champion torch, the Champion Sharp Flame is constructed almost entirely out of stainless steel and comes on Bethlehem’s Scroll Base. The scroll base allows for one handed, smooth and secure torch head adjustments, which automatically lock in place. The torch also comes standard with a 4-port manifold and male B-fitting thread on the valve hose connections. The torches modular, precision, needle valves provide flame workers with precise fuel flow adjustments without the need to change tips or adjust regulator pressure settings. Just like with every new generation Bethlehem Burners torch, the Champion Sharp Flame comes with instruction, and a cleaning kit.

Torch Features:

Stainless Steel Construction

4x Modular, Precision Needle Valves

4-Port Manifold

Male B-fitting Hose Connections

Scroll Base


Cleaning Kit

Lifetime Factory Warranty

Item’s Recommended Uses:

The Champion Sharp Flame is a two-stage, stainless steel, surface-mix torch that can produce around 800 BTUs per minute, enough heat to easily work up to 44mm borosilicate rod and 80mm+ heavy walled tube! The new surface-mix Sharp Flame centerfire can be pulled down into a tight pinpoint or sharpened into a long, driving needle, perfect for precise heat application for fine detailed work, driving heat penetration, and assembly, all while remaining gentle to glass colors! Whether on the bench or on a lathe, the Champion Sharp Flame will deliver everything the modern glass artist needs.

Torch Specifications

Burnger Configuration:

Center Fire: 6 –gas jets (Sharp Flame Design)

Outer Fire: 30 –gas jets

78 –oxy ports

Face Dia. 1.125”

Full Flame Consumption:

Propane Gas: 5 psi; 8 LPM (480 LPH, 16.95 cu ft/h)

Tanked Oxy: 20 psi; 40 LPM (2,400 LPH, 84.76cu ft/h)

775 BTU’s Per Minute


44mm Boro Rod

80mm+ Heavy Walled Tube

Dimensions and Net Weight:

Base: 8”x 8”

Height: 8.5”

Barrel Length: 7”

8.75 lbs.

How It’s Sold:

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