Aura Lens Fit Over Frames (Shade 3)

Aura Lens Fit Over Frames (Shade 3)
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Aura Lens Fit Over Frames (Shade 3)

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These Aura Lens glasses are made to fit over your existing prescription glasses. This pair of glasses has Shade 3 lenses to protect your eyes from flares caused from lampworking. The frames are plastic, do not have spring hinges, are a universal fit, and have the molded uni-bridge nose pads.


Will fit over glasses with a 135mm horizontal frame or less.

Item’s Recommended Uses:

Do not lampwork or watch lampworking in person without your protective glasses! Lampworking without glasses will deteriorate your eye sight.

Colloquial Names:

Blue Didymium, Fitover

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This item is sold individually.