Arnold Precision 1060 Glass Lathe

Arnold Precision 1060 Glass Lathe
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Precision 60 mm bore machine for a versatile and demanding application for instance for joining electrodes, for producing bulbs from quartz, for glass-metal-seals and generally for streamlining a lot of operations when working on glass and quartz.

Standard accessories:

- 1 piece Burner support

- 1 piece Blowing swivel with holder

- 1 piece Electromagnetic brake

- 1 piece Electromagnetic clutch for tailstock spindle

- Clamping units for burner support and tailstock

- 1 set Tools

Operating panel:

The operating panel has the following facilities:

- Main switch

- Emergency-Switch- OFF

- Push-button turning direction right - ON

- Push-button turning direction left - ON

- STOP – push-button

- Switch for brake ON/ OFF

- Switch for clutch ON/ OFF

- Switch for foot pedal ON/ OFF

- Potentiometer for spindle speed

- Plug for foot switch (foot switch as option, see Cat.-No.: 1060/7)

Base Frame: (Option see Cat.-No.: 1060/800 F - H) The machine base frame consists of stable aluminium profile struts with massive aluminium table top. The machine bed is mounted and aligned on the aluminium table top. On the right side the frame has a tool cabinet with 3 drawers. Furthermore it is equipped with adjusting screws for alignment.