ABR Glass Lathe

ABR Glass Lathe
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EA $12,000.00
Brand new glass working lathe, exclusively from ABR!

ABR Imagery has finally done it: a well built glass lathe at an affordable price. Now, working larger diameters of glass tubing and rod is a snap. This machine comes standard with three chucks, two scrolls and one planetary chuck...just chuck up your glass and away you go! The bore of this machine is approx 3" diameter (80mm), and the through hole of the chuck is the same size. The Torch swing is 221/2”, from the bed to the Jaw Center is 91/2”, and the Bed Length is 63”. Planetary chuck can hold larger items on one end of the lathe in case you are making larger bowls, bubbles or feet. Please contact us today to order your machine now!

90 Volt DC Motor with belt drive 1/2hp 1800RPM

110 Volt for Regular Outlet

Has tool bar – Repeater Bar on back for adding custom mold. Height of this bar is adjustable vertically.

Check out our YouTube video of this exclusive glass lathe!