ABR Boro Color Club

ABR Boro Color Club
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ABR Imagery would like to offer all of our customers the opportunity to become part of the ABR Boro Color Club! For a small membership fee, you can save on your borosilicate glass year round. Don't wait for the next sale! Simply place this item in your online shopping cart or give us a call at (812)-339-9147 to become a member!

You can now select either a 6 month subscription or a full year!

Membership Benefits:

30% Off of Northstar Rod and Frit (Wonder Glass and UV Colors Excluded)

30% Off of Glass Alchemy Rod and Frit

30% Off of Acme Color Rod and Frit

30% Off of Origin BoroStick Color Rod and Frit

30% Off of TAG Color Rod and Frit

30% Off of Asian Clear and Colored Rod and Tubing

30% Off of Momka Color Rod

20% Off of New Color Company (also called Parramore Color)

10% Off of Schott and Simax Clear Rod and Tubing

Membership duration is one year from the date of purchase. Membership fee is not refundable. There are no minimum order quantities and no minimum dollar value of your order. Club discounts are not applicable to items that are already marked down (such as cases of Asian colored tubing). Discounts can not be used in combination with any other sales, specials, discounts, or offers. Discounts are not applicable to certain new high-demand colors (Cadmium based colors, Wondercane, Wonder tubing, UV reactive colors, CFL reactive colors, Boro Batch colors, and any new color released within six months of purchase. You will not see the discount on your online order, but it will be applied to your invoice before your card is charged. If you are paying via PayPal, any overpayment will be refunded when your order is finalized and invoiced.

ABR Imagery reserves the right to change these policies based on market costs at any point.