6" Dia. Poly-Tex Polishing Pad

6" Dia. Poly-Tex Polishing Pad
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6" Diameter Poly-Tex Final Polishing Pad

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The Poly-Tex Polishing Pad is for finer grit sizes of 3,000 through 50,000 depending on the polishing compound used. Poly-Tex is a scientific grade polishing material with controlled thickness. Its viring wool-like surface is extremely durable and produces excellent polishes with French Cerium Oxide Powder. Poly-Text Pads have an adhesive back and need to be mounted to any backing pad. After mounting the Poly-Tex pad apply your choice of polishing compound directly to the Poly-Tex Pad's surace. The initial charging of the Poly-Tex pad may require 0.5 grams of compound.

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This item is sold individually. We recommend picking up French Cerium Oxide (Item Code: 15021) to use with this product.