5/8" x 12" Graphite Rod Push Tool

5/8" x 12" Graphite Rod Push Tool
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5/8" x 12" Graphite Rod Push Tool

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Graphite rods are an invaluable tool for glass workers. This rod is rounded on one end with a 60 degree point on the other. Graphite is used to shape glass because it can withstand heat without warping in shape and doesn't cause as much thermal shock as metal when it comes into contact with hot glass. After repeated long exposures to intense heat graphite will become brittle and break.

Item’s Dimensions:

5/8" diameter

12" length

Weight: Approximately 0.05 lb

Item’s Recommended Uses:

Graphite rods are typically used to push and shape glass. You can use graphite rods to wrap glass around as well. With this rod you can push and shape glass with the round end and use the pointed end for precise applications.

How It’s Sold:

Graphite Rods are sold individually.