3/8" 90 Deg. Bent Brass Swivel Kit

3/8" 90 Deg. Bent Brass Swivel Kit
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3/8" 90 Deg. Bent Brass Swivel Kit

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Item Description:

A kit that contains our all-brass, 3/8" 90 degree bent swivel, a hose, and two mouthpieces. The swivel has one revolving side and one fixed side. This can help eliminate tangles in your blow hose.

Items Included:

Two mouthpieces - [854-221]

One 3/16" 90 Degree Bent Swivel - [854-201]

One 6 Ft. Long 3/8" Silicone Blow Hose - [854-225L]

Item’s Dimensions:

Swivel: 3/8" diameter

Hose: 6ft length, 3/8" diameter

Item’s Recommended Uses:

Improve the ease of blowing glass with our swivel kits! Be sure to check out our blow hose adapters to fit different diameters of glass.

How It’s Sold:

This item is sold as a kit.