2"x 3" Econ. Graphite Paddle (8.5")

2"x 3" Econ. Graphite Paddle (8.5")
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Item name:

2"x 3" Economy Graphite Paddle (8.5")

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Item’s Description:

The Economy Graphite paddles are a low cost way to expand your options of what you can use to shape your glass work. When you need to reduce your cost of production or just starting out lampworking our Economy line of tools are made to get you up and running for less.

Item’s Dimensions:

Paddle: 2” x 3”

Length: 8.5"

Weight: Approximately 0.25 lb

Item’s Recommended Uses:

Our Economy Graphite Paddles are a great way to bring your graphite plates to your work to increase the time you can shape your work.

Item’s Colloquial Names:

Shaper on a stick, Marver on a stick

How It’s Sold:

2" x 3" Economy Graphite Paddle (8.5") are sold individually, in 3-pack, or in 6-pack.