2002 Albuquerque Flame-Off Goblets

2002 Albuquerque Flame-Off Goblets
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''On the weekend of Nov. 8-10, 2002, there were 300 lampworkers in Albuquerque. They had gathered for the Albuquerque Flame-off. 62 men and women competed from 25 states and Canada. They made beads, marbles, sculptures and goblets. Many brought their own torches. Mike Plane did two amazing demos. One was done with a Litton lathe and the other with the GTT PYthon. '' This DVD has demos by and interviews with Dellene Peralta, Marcel Braun, Eli Allen, Barry Laffler, Zack Love, Doug Remschneider, Todd Taylor, Doni Hatz, Dina Kallahar, Jeremy Daniel, James Lynch, Ernie Kober, Lewis Wilson, Roger Parramore, Brian Bentley, Jared Delong and Milon Townsend. 308 minutes DVD

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