14mm Graphite Male Joint Holder

14mm Graphite Male Joint Holder
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This is a graphite tool that will hold the smaller 14mm MALE glass on glass fittings that borosilicate artists use. This tool is hollow and can be attached to a blow hose if desired. They are designed so that the artistis can send air through the tool in order to accomplish glassblowing tasks. Once you attach the tool to the fitting, the fitting will stay connected snug to the tool so that you can attach the fitting to another object in the flame with ease. Once the connection is made and sealed, the tool disconnects easily from the fitting. The fittings fit right to the end of the frosted area so that you can work right up to it in the flame if desired. This tool is super cool and works really well! REMEMBER: THIS TOOL IS MADE TO HOLD MALE 14MM JOINTS