10" x 10" 4-Ply High Heat Pad

10" x 10" 4-Ply High Heat Pad
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10" x 10" 4-Ply High Heat Pad

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This four ply heat pad will allow you to remove glass from the kiln without damaging your work. The 10” x 10” 4-Ply High Heat Pad is wonderfully heat resilient but not steam resistant. The 4-Ply Heat Pad defends and protect against heat but naturally some steam will circumvent from between glass and pad, so ABR Imagery strongly suggest to remain mindful.

Item’s Dimensions:

10” x 10” x .25”

Weight: 0.45 lbs.

Item’s Recommended Uses:

This tool is great for removing your work from a kiln.

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This item is sold individually.