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ABR Imagery's Desert Fire Was a Resounding Success!

We Raised Over $10,000 for The Southern Arizona AIDS Foundation!!!

On February 2nd - 5th ABR Imagery and our friends in the Southern Arizona glass scene gathered to collaborate for the 2nd annual Desert Fire Charity Drive.  This year's beneficiary was the Southern Arizona Aids Foundation (SAAF). SAAF does a lot of outreach work in the community on many platforms.  Please go read about their great organization here by clicking on this text.

 Everyone at ABR Imagery would like to thank our sponsors and artists all listed below for helping us surpass our goal of matching last year’s total!  Working together we raised over $10,000 in just a few short days thanks to our sponsors and artists who donated their time, talents, and products to the cause.  A special thanks goes out to Micah Blatt and Mr Heads Gallery and Bar for offering up their space and studio for the event.  Desert Fire Charity Drive wouldn’t be possible otherwise.  We can’t wait until next year and for even bigger and better things ahead. 

  Artists – Fathead, Shuhbuh, Brian Jacobson, Zombie Hand Studios, Alex G, Silykate, Rev Morse, Chaka, Churo, Turbo, Stizle, Hempadelic, Morton Glass, Upgrade, Know Ego, Helcat Glass, Ross/ABR, Dave/ABR, Ely Andrew, John Holmes, J Olive Design, and last but certainly not least, Bandhu Dunham.

Sponsors -  ABR Imagery, Mr Heads, Boro Batch, Bethlehem Burners, CBS Dichroic, Northstar Glassworks, Paragon Kilns, Extreme Oxygen, Jellyfish Glass, Carlisle Machine Works, and Fathead Glass.


Trautman Art Glass - Glossy Purple Lollipop

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Hot Tongs!



Trautman Art Glass - Orange Rod Odd Lot

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