When you're looking for the best deals, ABR Imagery has what you need. We want to show you to our west warehouse located in Phoenix, AZ! We're giving our favorite people 30% off of our entire Phoenix Warehouse location by using code, "AZ30". Our Phoenix Warehouse location does have a customized, limited selection of inventory so check out what is in stock by going to our Phoenix Warehouse tab on our website.

This sale is limited to the Phoenix Warehouse location and cannot be combined with items that are ordered from our Bloomington, Indiana headquarters. Coupon codes cannot be combined so if you would like to take advantage of both sales please make multiple orders!


We know that you guys are gearing up for the holiday season so we want to help you guys lower your production costs. Now you can have even more reason to celebrate with the ones you love! Check out our new Asian Opaque Tubing, which is available in 12mm, 16mm, 25mm, 32mm, 38mm, 44mm, and 51mm, to really make your work stand out.

This sale does not extend to our already 40% off prediscounted color tubing cases but will apply to clear tubing cases and all other variations of Asian Tubing and Rod. Coupon codes cannot be combined so if you would like to take advantage of both sales please make multiple orders!


Are you in the market for the latest and greatest torches from Bethlehem Apparatus? Perfect timing because we're able to offer you a rare opportunity to get a discount on these magnificent feats of machinery! You can receive an automatic discount of 10% on the following three torches: the Stacks, Bravo, and Champion. Come see us at Champs to get this awesome deal! 


With our headquarters based in Bloomington, Indiana, ABR is looking for interested parties to open up additional shops. As you know, we have our headquarters and 24,000 sqft ware house in Bloomington, and our second warehouse Phoenix, AZ. We have recently added partner locations in Breckenridge, CO, and Houston, TX to better serve customers in those areas. Are you interested in working with ABR to offer deals in your area and expand your customer base? We would love to have a conversation with you today. This opportunity will not be for everyone, but if you are entrepreneurial at heart, do not mind putting in some work, and have the capital to start up a location, it might just be a win-win situation.

Indiana ABR Imagery Corporate Headquarters 3808 W. Vernal Pike Bloomington, IN 47404

Arizona ABR Imagery CO Distribution Center 4022 W Turney Ave Suite A1 Phoenix, AZ 85019

Texas Franchise Matt’s Glassblowing Bomdiggity 510 S Mason Rd Suite H1 Katy, TX 77450

Colorado Franchise Jamie Lang 169 A Continental Court Breckenridge, CO 80424

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Glass Tube Table Cutter



Glass Tube Hand Cutter


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Trautman Art Glass - Parallax

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Grapite Reaner - 2-16mm Taper

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Double Helix Glass - Skiron


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