Step by Step You Can Create Your Glass Vision with Boro Batch!

Lamp workers love the possibilities they get when working with Boro Batch glass color rods.

With a wide variety of color options to choose from, you might even want to break the rules a bit when you try a new process for creating your next piece.

Here is just a sample of what you can get when ordering your Boro Batch color glass rod:

Wild Honey is the collaboration of thousands of workers bee hours pollinating the glass fields. Striking is similar to Mead, pictured below, but with different varieties and unlimited possibility.

Overflowing the crucibles at the Boro Batch brew house, Mead produces beautiful blues, purples, and that rich red honey coloring comes out when you strike it just right.

Just like the tried and true 3 chord progressions of your favorite blues tunes, Dave’s Blues can add that soulful feel to your vision. Image the options you could create when you open up that impromptu jam session with the one and only Muddy Waters.

Muddy Waters is available in several shades including light, standard, and dark, depending on your mood.

Feeling a look that is out of this world cool? One strike of Space Grass and you’ll be hooked on everything you can come up with. With it’s unique UV properties, this is sure to catch the attention of current and new clients around the world.

Keep expanding your light and color changing options with Flip Flop (above) and Watermelon (below).

The variety you get when your finished glass pieces can react under CFL, Fluorescent, and UV lighting is truly inspiring to clients.

With tons of additional options available in the store, Boro Batch will become a go to glass for all of your wildest creations.

But don’t take our word for it, get some from the crucible today and you can be the judge.